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Ultra Vista Goggle Ultra Vista Goggle
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: PW24
Excellent fitting goggle with panoramic field of vision. Superior protection against harmful splashes and large dust particles...
£5.22 £6.96
Ex Tax:£4.35
Ultra Vista Goggle Unvented Ultra Vista Goggle Unvented
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: PW25
Non-vented premium level goggle. Excellent protection against large dust particles fine dust particles gas and liquid splashes. Excelled when tested for high impact resistance and extreme temperatures (ranging from –5°C to +55°C). Can be worn with prescription glasses...
£8.10 £10.80
Ex Tax:£6.75
Ultra Vista Shield Ultra Vista Shield
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: PW23
Clever little face shield that clips on under the goggles!  This visor is for combination use with goggles. It is designed to increase the protection of the whole face. High velocity impact resistance grades even at extreme temperatures. Compatible with PW24 and PW25 goggles only...
£1.93 £2.57
Ex Tax:£1.61
Vehicle First Aid Kit 16 Vehicle First Aid Kit 16
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: FA23
This kit is supplied in a clearly identifiable package that is always at hand for emergencies. Packed with essential first aid items that are likely to be needed quickly...
£15.57 £20.76
Ex Tax:£12.98
Waist  saftey Waders Waist  saftey Waders
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: FW71
Waist height wader. Lightweight and versatile product with protective steel toecap and midsole. Waterproof antistatic and superb slip resistance...
£30.42 £40.56
Ex Tax:£25.35
Welders Gauntlet Welders Gauntlet
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: A500
1/4" Cow split leather welding gauntlet with a one piece back and full cotton lining for comfort. One size...
£3.87 £5.16
Ex Tax:£3.23
Welders Gauntlet Welders Gauntlet
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: A510
Tough 14\" split leather gauntlet providing protection against a range of heat related tasks. Ideal for welding metal handling etc...
£3.87 £5.16
Ex Tax:£3.23
Welted Plus Boot Welted Plus Boot
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: FW35
This SBP welted safety boot provides maximum comfort and stability for the wearer. Additional features include ankle protection for maximum support and a heel kick for fast and easy removal...
£48.15 £64.20
Ex Tax:£40.13
Work Place First Aid  Kit 100 Work Place First Aid  Kit 100
New -25 %
Brand: Portwest Model: FA12
This kit is ideal for workplace environments with a larger number of employees. The contents are up to date in accordance with the latest standard and allow employers to demonstrate and comply with safety and legal obligations...
£29.25 £39.00
Ex Tax:£24.38
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